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'Bradley' is getting a (strong) facial massage and he likes it :)

“Your cat is a black VAMPURR ! I love his long white teeth, so cute!” “Hmmm... your cat is very very very patient. I’m pretty sure if I tried this with my kitty I’d lose a few fingers, haha!” 😒 [Video: sophie_the_model]

Cute ♥ 'Sock kitty' enjoys baby bottle time so much (2 kitties)

“OMG, they're just so so adorable and ever so so sweet.” “I thought the fur was a tutu at first, haha” “And she is wearing a funny... sock, LOL!” “Hey Sis, can we share some milk ...”

Funny-curious-dramatic cats peeks over bed and window 👀 (2 GIFs)

“I'm the secret agent 009(lives), purrfectly invisible and no one can see me.” “Inception cats are always funny.” “Spying cat is shy, that's why.” [Video: catforlove] They're everywhere! “Their eyes are ready to be fixed on you for however long it takes so be careful. They’ll figure out your secrets in no time...” 👀

Ninja cat ►Hunting mode activated ► Epic Fail!

That awkward moment when you realize that your cat is MAD and needs...glasses! [Video: Break Clips]