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'Pooky' & his human making their best friend handshakes (so darn cute)

“Aww, I want to take him in my arms & caress his belly and kiss him with tenderness 💕” "è stupendo! Crasso e coccolone! Lo voglio." “Cutest fist bumps and high fives ever!” ❤ "Aaaaay! Que cosa mas bonita y esponjosaaa." "Q coisa mais encantadora." "Quand tu as réussi à dresser ton chat et qu'en plus, il est... adorable (et adoré) !" "Das übe ich mit der Miamaus." “Real men love kitties.” 😍 "Perché questo è super ciccione e non ha la faccia incazzata." [Video: littlemunchiepooky] 

Funny cat vibing to famous song 'Take On Me' by 'a-ha'. She loves the 80’s music [Vibing Cat No. 37]

“Well done 'Minette'! The best version of your Meme I've seen.” 👍 “Brilliant creation when the cat becomes a cartoon like humans.” 👌 “Purrfect! 1985 A-ha music video with the rotoscoping.” “One of my favorite kitty + one of my favorite 80's tunes!” [Video: via classlandempire]   WOAH! ► ±  1,300,000,000 views !!!  

“Holly Crap, I'm sexy as hell!” 👀

“Funny housecat looking at himself in the mirror, looking with wonder at its own reflection...”

Haha, toilet paper roll KiLLER strikes again!

Crazy 'Marmalade': “Ugly toilet paper roll: MUST DIE!“ “*Destruction Mode* activated.” “Weeeeeeee and Weeeeeeeee and Weeeeeeee!” “Proof that that too much Catnip much!” [Video Source: Cole and Marmalade @youtube]