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Meanwhile in Japan, a giant cat sells hot potatoes! 👀 Ameowzing!

“It's one of those cat chef in monster hunter.” “Getting ready for furry convention.” “I was so confused for a good minute: thought that was a real kitty...” “Fuck*ng furries!” “Cute mascot to sell traditional snack for kids. That's smoked sweet potatoes, right?” “I want to have the same costume to play with my cats.” 😍 “This is cute, weird, funny and scary at the same time.”

Cute and funny kitten wants to play with sister :)

“Sis, play with me,  plaaaaay with meeeeeeeee!” “Please Bro, stop picking on me...” “Awww so  💞 cute and innocent lil kitties.” [Video: via neuralien] 

Funny Bengal cat kissing himself in the mirror

“Cute cat with his pink sweater. Don't think 'angelbengal' would be single for long.” :) “I love you dude, you're so sexy.” “Narcissist cat is narcissist...” “When ur relatives ask if ur still single?” (# SelfLoveChallenge) [Video Source: angelbengal]