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Yoga handstand? Funny cuddly cat wants to help his human, haha!

“So you need some fresh air on your face? OK Mom, my tail is a purrfect fan.” “OK kitty, thank you, but please don't...FART! ” 😂 [Video: the.wonderful.cats]

Cute kitty riding like a (mini) boss in his (mini) truck

“OMG, this is one of the cutest kitty I've seen in a while.” "Из старого видеоархива. Продолжение путешествий Машки." “Yep, one of the cutest lil thing I've ever seen!” “VROOM VROOM... They see me rollin' they hatin'.” “Relaxed kitty is super relaxed.” 👍 “Quick! Bring me some vinegar to drink -- I've got sweetness (and cuteness)  overload!” Video: family_colin]

Hungry 'Lykoi' cat begging for food. Weird & cute kitty et the same time

“The 'Lykoi', amazing and weird cat also called the 'Werewolf cat', is a natural mutation from a domestic short-haired cat that has the appearance of a classic Hollywood werewolf, hence its name. They do not have the Sphynx or the Devon gene. So, the 'Lykoi' gene is it's own special mutation.” “Amazing paws without hair = > like fingers!” “Feed him, poor kitty, he deserves some delicious treats.” 💓 🐱 [Video: via T. Smith]