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Check out a new (cute) cat breed: the 'PiNK CABBiT' 🐰

“Those funny ears, he's so patient and cute.” “I like that Jelly bean toes massage...” “Like a fashion victim ready for the next fashion week.” [Video: littlemunchiepooky]

Aww... What a beautiful, lovely and happy cat family! 💕

“So adorable family, so loving parents” 💖 “The most stunning kitty video I've ever seen.” “Sweetness overload.” “Cuteness overload.” ❤️ “Hmmm..True love but more kittens on the way.” :) “Those baby battles for milk are so cute.” “Hey lovers, take care of your tiny babies, it's not love time.” “Almost too much cuteness.”

Cats are Masters of making biscuits for the family and this one is a... GOOD ONE! 👍

“Yep, I’m a pastry Chef, it’s my job and it's a serious job, so I'm doing my best.”