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Cat DOMiNATiON: “First my big brother, then my humans, then the World!”

“But...whatcha doing Bro? What have I done to deserve this?“ “I'm not sure to understand cats ...and I'm not sure to understand women either.” 😂 “You know what? I’m not sure cats actually understand cats either, hahahaha!.” “Don't move slave, you're mine right Meow!” [Video: rubyeve12]

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have meerCats in the Navy!

We know that cats rule the World but as you can see, they're evolving! “ Gay cat: In the navy ♪♫ In the navy ♪♫ ” 😋 “Navy Lieutenant cat senses danger!” ”Funny & cute kitty.” 💙

Funny black cat: *Hunting mode activated* with amazing big round eyes!

“Everyone loves those funny 'Tingeling' pre-attack routines.”  :) “You when someone dangles a bottle of coke in front of you.” “Nope! Me when there's cheesecake for dessert!” “Those shiny eyes. I fuck*ng love this god damn cat. 'Tingeling' I can't deal with you, you're so cute and funny.” [Video: tussetroll_and_tingeling]