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Dumpster ginger cat 😆

“I'm playing a purrfect hide and seek with my hooman and no one can find me here.” "I don't always fit in trash can but when I fit, I fit!” “Liquid cat is liquid.” [Video: coleandmarmalade] Cutest ‘garbage’ kitty 💕

"C'mon kitty, try to catch & bite my jeans pants, if you can!"

Your cat looks hungry, must feed him! 😂

Crazy black cat in bathtub directly drinking fresh water from the shower!

“I don't understand my crazy cat! Does the water taste different in the bathroom?  Does the water in the bathroom tastes better than the water in the kitchen?” “Don’t ask and don't try to understand. It’s just the 'Cat LOGIC' hahaha, they MAD!" :/ “Don't worry, black cats are waterproof.” 😆