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Sneak attack! Such a ferocious predator 💕

But his sister is too brave (and cute) to give a scare... “Roaaar! Fear me, I'm a big scary monster.” (OK, I'm not...) “Poor kitty, may be next time, try again tomorrow.” “Zer0 fucks given, you FAIL!” 😋 “Purrfect attack-retreat.”

Funny '3 in one' by 'Kenshin': meowing + yawning + roaaaaring!

Owner: “Longgg meowwww-ing vibrating yawn.” “So cute 'Ken', I love him so much, he melts my heart.” “Super fluffy cat and beautiful fur colors!” [Video: kitty.chloeykenshin]

Funny cat behavior. When his human touches his right hind paw...

...he 'bunny kicks' his own face with his left hind paw! “Please hoomans, don't laugh at me, I have no idea what I'm doing!” “That weird Cat wants to say: 'Stay away from me, dirty hands, but then he forget how to cat.'” “When human hand touches him >> cat.exe crashes!” [Video: Beatrix4ever]