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When the cats (3) are broken >> cat.exe is no longer working!

Zero f*cks given No. 1 I think the cat is fixing on a fly on the wall 👀 “Nope, I think the cat is on catnip overdose.” “Nope, I think he just forgot how to cat.” “ Must stay focused on my target, whatever. ..” “The truth is that cat.exe has stopped responding, so he needs to update his old Windows OS, haha.” [Video: 1Voice1Life @] Zero f*cks given No. 2 Zero f*cks given No. 3

Cool cat riding in 'his' car like a boss :)

“As you can see, I'm comfy because the car door is my (purrfect) pillow.” “Looking Fa-bu-lous! He loves it.” “I Should Buy A Tesla !” “Me in every train all around the USA.” “Meditating cat: ' What have I done with my life? '” [Video: kinako_mochicat]

Playful cat tries to catch water from the garden hose (Epic fail)

Almost… OK, at least you tried. “A typical situation when your cat fails to achieve a certain goal and you would like to say something to make him feel better.”