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*BLEP* cat is totally depressed!

“WHAT? Today I'm doing noting, because I started doing it yesterday and I wasn't finished AND I'M NOT QUITTER.“ 😂 [Video: Amiro] I SEE WHAT U DID THERE ALSO OVER HERE 👀

Cool cat sitting on couch like human watching his favorite TV show

“Cats behaving like humans? Funny stuff! All while imitating the way a human would do it. Funny cats!” “That lazy cat that is sitting on a couch like a human is basically me thinking about my fuck*ng life..." “Hoomans, comfy cushions of your new couch are purrfect. F rom now on, they're mine, thank you.” “Just 'Like a boss'.” [Video: Video Digest]

Funny thirsty cat tries to catch water from faucet...

.... in the kitchen sink but repetitively FAILs to drink, hahaha. “NEVER GIVE UP!” 😎