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Funny kitty kneading hard and MEOOOWing at the same time!

“Kitty, you can make your daily bread but *STFU* please.” 😂 “MEOOOOW!” “OK...OK... You're happy, I understand...” “MEOOOOW!” “*SIGH*” 😒

Cat trying to play hide & seek with ferret (haha, you are doing it wrong)

Dramatic cat: “ Vade retro Satanas! Don’t fuck*ng touch me, I hate ferrets, I know  that you want to kill me!” “CATch me if you can!” “DAFUQ is this weird thing?! Keep that shit away from me!” “Play with me kitty. I won't let you go, until we play.” 😂 “Hey you, I think you need good glasses, I'm NOT a female ferret!” “Hmmm... this is not going to end well.” [Video: Pet lovers]

Funny 'Kenshin' hunting and leaning on blanket while... chirping. So funny boy 😍

“My chirping machine in action: he easily gets too excited! He chirps 7/7, day and night: • when he sees his toys • when you talk to him • when he wants something.” “OMG, I ♥ love so much your fluffy-cute-funny-chirping cat.” [Video: chloey kenshin]