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Gorgeous & adorable fluff ball is waiting for sweet belly rubs

“Purrfect British long hair Cat. 'Miss Cat Universe' 2021.” 🏆 “I wouldn't be able to leave the house to work after that look.” Q: “Why do you like to be upside down so much Smoothie?” A: “Sweet belly rubs please!” “Beautiful adorable fluff Ball. I want to pet and kiss her” “Pure luxury. She's gorgeous and she knows it.” 💕 “You truly are a great beauty 'Smoothie'.” “Oh 'Smoothie', you captivate so with your beauty, cutie kitty!” “This isn't a cat this is Queen floof.” ♛ “Look at my super floof and green eyes Mom! Look at them!” “'Smoothie' you are the most adorable fluffy kitty,look at you flirting with the camera.” “She needs a t-shirt that reads 'Has anybody ever told you how beautiful I am'.” “'Smoothie', you've melted me, drop by drop!!!” ”Will forever be the most beautiful cat I've ever seen in my life.” 💗 [Video: smoothiethecat]

“Human, let me help you with that nice clean shirt you just hung up.” 😂

“ WHOOPS! It fell, sorry it was unintentional, I'm so clumsy!” 😸

Lazy cat resting half off the bed in a funny & weird position 😄

“Hey you, whatcha doing on MY bed?” Lazy Cat: “WHAT? I just do exercise a lot, well I mean...sleeping exercise.” “Hi human slave, I'm thirsty, please bring me a fresh beer.” 🍺 [Video: cat_leon]