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When your cats judge you 👀 when you come home late...

...with your DRUNK friends!  😋 “If my cat had minions this is what it would look like :)” “Wow what type of cat is the one in the middle? It's funny how its fur makes it looks like a 'Queen'.” [Video: fredlillyfranky]

Expectation vs. Reality • Clumsy cat vs. top of the door 😂

OK, you're a brave cat and at least you tried... “HALP hooman, stop filming me, I need a ladder!”

Suddenly...Ninja cat hears someone messing with his toys!

“Heeey! Don't f**king touch them, they're MINE, all MINE!” “That's cutest, funniest impressive feat of cat agility I ever seen.” “Funny & super fast reaction!” [Video: munchkin_minnie]