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When your cat has its own designated lounging space...

“Yep Dad, you're right, these 4 cones are in my personal space.” “Funny, ameozing and cute!” ❤️ “It's good to be the King...” “The cat: "What, no pillow throne as well?" “Well done, without those cones, this could’ve ended up as a CATastrophe.” “OK slave, now bring me a fresh beer!” Cool cat: “Leave me alone, I don’t give us a f*ck about all these rolling cat crushers around me...” “'The street is mine', cat version.” [Video: CATMANTOO]

Epic jump fail! Hungry cat tries to jump on kitchen countertop :/

 Poor kitty, at least he tried, and... still hungry 😆 “So close and yet so far.”

Funny cat confused by purple balloon stuck on her back (Hmmm...she forgot how to cat)

“Attaching a balloon to my cat was really funny...” “unfortunately cat.exe has stopped working” “HAAALP! Get it off me! Get it off me!” [Video: Surry&Noel]