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Purrfect Summer holiday on the beach 🌞 for a great meowdel

“Happy beach day 'Eric'.” “Ahaha! Behind the scenes.” “Aww...wish I was on holiday with you sweetie.” “I would just like the backdrop! Gorgeous. His due is wonderful against the blue.” 💖 [Video @eric_and_ollie]

Cat prank? “Me... Meo... Meooow!” 😼

Ginger is NOT amused because he hates those bunny 🐰 ears, haha! “Seriously hooman, I’m so sick of your sh*tty pranks!” “Keep that sh*t away from my cute ears, I'm not a cabbit!.”

Hunting Mode activated! GOTCHA! (well, almost) 😅

Black cat tries to catch a bird on PC monitor but fails!