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Funny & cute Mama cat carrying her stuffed plush bunny

“You're coming with me, MY bunny” (I never leave him alone)” “Young kitty, but Mode 'Maternal instinct' activated.” 💕 “Cute and funny catwalk.” 😍

Agile cat popping catnip bubbles

“OMG, Carl! Catnip bubbles, they are back!” “Gotcha! Gotcha!” “Loving the catnip bubbles! They rock!” ”Well done Frank, you got them! WOW, you're so Pawsome!” [Video @thecatvixen]

6 fluffy Persian cats spying a feral cat walking in the backyard

“Guys, look at that chick... OMG I think I'm in love!” “Kenny, she's like, only 1½ year old...” ”Yeah yeah, I know, but just... wow, the way she walks!” “I feel ya bro, she walks like she WANTS it, ya know what I mean?” “Yeah!” ”Let's stare some more, it's not creepy if she doesn't see us, right?” [Video Source: RespectMyAuthoriteh]