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Cat mesmerized by big snails. “What is that weird and wet thing?”

“It’s so funny the way the cat looks that big snail. He's like: 'Hmmm, what is this beast, slowly touching my paws?” [Video @bestcatlexus]

'Morris' is a lucky and happy fluffy cat 👍

“Yeah Dad, rub my belly and my chest.” “The way you are stretched out that's obviously real good handsome boy 'Morris'.” “'Morris' loves nature and super green grass.”  “What a big floofy cat.” “Such a gorgeous boy.” ❤️ “Your cat is happier than most people.” “Wow that grass looks amazing. What a cute & lucky fluffy cat!” 🐱 “Daddy rubbies da bestest.” 💕 “Real men love (fluffy) cats.” [Video @morris_the_persian_cat]

If you like your bed more than you like people... ↓ SiT HERE! ↓

“That's a hard YES for me.” “Haha, I love his feet stretches! So funny and lazy." [Video @meow_york_kitties]