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It's milk time for 5 hungry kittens 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻

“2 kittens fighting over milk.” “Two in one: Patty cake and drinking milk at the same time.” “Proud Mama cat: 'Yep human, my precious babies!” [Video @TikTok]

Desperate Cat: ”Let me iiiiiiiiiiiin!”

“Open the door cruel hoomans, I'm so hungry!”

Fearful cat gets startled (himself) by an empty bottle haha.

Sneak attack! Run kitty, run, plastic bottles are cat killers. 😂

Crazy cat rolls down the stairs in hilarious way like a malfunctioning slinky, haha 😜

“That’s the furriest slinky I’ve ever seen!” “Catnip it's a hell of a drug!” “They've finally created the boneless cat breed.” “I like how it stopped multiple times but decided to kick the stair to resume it’s descent.” “Trying to rub its face on Every. Single. Stair.” “Me, trying to get to bed after a good bottle of Whiskey!” [Video: via OctopussSevenTwo]