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Cat hates the new carpet and plays... 'The floor is lava' 😂

“Different carpets can be treated with a lot of chemicals during manufacturing. Maybe the cat smells it/just knows.” There is a lot of outgassing of smelly chemicals in new carpet.” “I bought a new bathroom rug/mat, and my one cat refuses to walk on it, while the other started using it as her second bed.” (Don't try to understand :) “Maybe it just gets its claws stuck in it every step it takes? That would be supremely annoying.” [Video: 1Voice1Life]

Funny & cute 'Smoothie' talking to birds 🐦 🐦 🐦

“I'm go-go-go-gonna get you one of these days!” ”Short circuit, your gorgeous 'Smoothie' gone wild, haha!” 😁 “Those big green eyes!” [Video @smoothiethecat]

Funny cat mesmerized by head-hair brushing, haha 😂

“Well, cat.exe has crashed.” “Dramatic cat is dramatic.”

Pretty cat getting her nails done (cute and very patient Kitty ;)

“She is a cute Exotic shorthair. Basically, a Persian is a long-haired exotic. Both are still very very cute.” “If only my cat was half as calm as that when I try to trim her claws....” [Video @gangmeowoffice]