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OH OH OH! The Meowfia BOSS is making his round!

“A fluffy Emperor I would say.” “You are the coolest cat in town!” Grumpy cat: “That pool is MiNE, OK? What else?” “Coolest cat of summer 🌞 2021!” “I flipping love this ginger Persian cat.” “Funny & Zen catwalk by 'thezenkitty.” 👍 [video @thezenkitty]

Cute Kitty meowing and having funny hiccups at same time

Meow + hiccups = Meoccups :) [Video @ioior] 

Crazy cat and fennec fox (...playing dead) So funny and cute

“OMG, might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Also, the fennec fox the biggest ears of all time.” “Haha he covers his mouth all like: 'Shhhhh, go to sleep now.'” “I’m not sure who’s cuter, the cat trying to eat the fox or the fox doing absolutely nothing about it...” “The cat be like: 'This is my home, you should know your place! And the fennec fox like: 'Okay, okay boss! I’m sorry'.” [Video @fox_kuzma]

When your chilly cat steals your slippers, your blanket and your couch

“He looks so comfy, hahaha.” “Don't laugh at me, I'm NOT FAT, I'm fluffy!” “Definitely how I’ll spend some cold days on my day off, haha.” “Me is on a sunday morning.” “When your cat gets the burrito blanket” [Video @yves_the_cat]