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Cute, fluffy, patient and relaxed ► Purrfect kitty 😻

“She's adorable and she's not frightened! My cat would kill me if I tried to...” “ Vet point of view : this is good idea for indoor cats. It prevents them from sliding on the floor (when running, jumping, landing) which cause injury if their paw tufts are too long and cover their jelly bean toes.” “What are you doing Mom? It's nice like, but...what are you doing with my cute paws and jelly bean toes?!” [Video @hanaduna]

Aww... Sweet cheeck massage 💕

“So tiny and so cute baby.” “And she enjoys it.” “Funny kitty cheek rubs.”

Time to exercise on the turning table in a funny way

“Endless game (and infinite loop)?: you're doing it right.” 👌 “The struggle is real, haha.” 😁 “Seriously human, are you mocking me, because I feel like I'm being mocked?!” [Video: Catttt]

Epic scratch FAIL (and reverse!)

 Clumsy and then, so agile :)