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August 8th 😻 International Cat (& Kitten) day 2021 ► 6 GIFs

Happy International Cat & Kitten day 2021 💕 International Cat Day GIF by Bubble . Yeah! Disco ♪♫ International Cat Day 2021. ”Be happy my kitty, It's YOUR DAY !” “I dance cos today I'm HAPPY!” August 8th • PAWTY HARD WEEE!!! International Cat Day!

Funny sleepy cat wakes up from sound of cat food can

“At first, I was 'Zzzz... Zzzz'... but then... 'Feed me right MEOW!'” [Video: ViralHog] *SPROiNK!*

Challenge accepted • Clever cat vs. invisible tape: HOP!

“Human, you FAIL, I win, so now, bring me fresh catnip!” “Silly hooman, what did you expect?” 😸

Jerk Cat slapping other (cool) cat for no apparent reason!

“Ambidextrous cat: 'What's that sh*it, do you see it? Carl, pay attention to me, are you seing this?!' SLAAAP! “Don't look at the toy or you will miss all that heavenly glory.” [Video via JerryfromTomandJerr]