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Grandma is amazing, supporting 'Kuro' & 'Cheebi' on her back while gardening 👍

“'Granny' loves the kitties and lets them ride on her back but it's tough... her movements made it like a rocking boat. Smart 'Kuro' when sees another boat is close enough (= cameramom's shoulder) he jumps boat immediately.” 😁 ちびとくろと小豆の種まき “Crops after crops have to be planted... It's busy at the farm... and kitties 'help' hooman.” 😸 😸 [Video: かご猫 Blog]

”What’s up, girls? I'm a bad boy but I'm fabulous and I know it.”

“Coolness overload. Aww so gorgeous and stylish. I love how relaxed 'Yves' is.” “If I did this to my cat, he’d kill me in my sleep!” “So is he the chillest cat ever? He’s fabulous, so fluffy and handsome.” “Big Maine Coons Cats are the BOSS!” [Video @yves_the_cat]

Clumsy cat tries to catch his feather toy but... 😂

“Look, I got it, GOTCHA! ” (Hmmm...ALMOST) 😆 “The struggle is real.”

Meet 'Quimera', the beautiful two-faced kitty (from Argentina)

“This striking kitty looks like two cats in one. One side of her face is orange, with an amber eye, the other is black, with a blue eye.” “You're pawsome sweetie!, what an amazing cat you have there, truly beautiful.” “Esta es 'Quimera', una espectacular gata argentina que bien podría haber salido de los libros de Juego de Tronos, 'Canción de hielo y fuego'. Quimera se ha hecho muy popular por su espectacular belleza a causa, probablemente, de un trastorno genético como el quimerismo el mosaico genético. La mitad de su casa es de color marrón claro y la otra mitad negro como la oscuridad. Lo más impresionante son sus ojos, uno de amarillo intenso y otro que parece frío como el hielo al estilo 'caminante blanco'. Espectacular.” [Video @gataquimera]