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“I'm hungry, where is my dinner?”

”On your head, good appetite!” “OK, got it, but next time don't mess with me...” 😼 “Funny fish toy!” 🐟 [Video @santo_rini_ ] “Hoomans, WE said: Dont' mess with US ! WE known where you sleep.”

Cat, getting slapped by human, immediately slaps innocent brother!

Well, that's a funny and fast revenge!  “Epic SLAP story.” 👋 [Video: cat_lovers]

Adorable cat needs love and want to cuddle with his Dad 💕

"Daddy, please gimme lots of ♥ love and attention..." “Pooky Pooky ♥ Cutie Cutie.” “You are not allowed to be this cute, MY HEART MELTED!” 💔 “Real men love cats.” [Video @littlemunchiepooky]

Funny cat relaxing on the green and feeling the sun 👍

When 'life is good'! “Now that's sun bathing cat style.” “Me on a Saturday afternoon. “Because he knows that Vitamin D is important.” 😋 “Just chillin’.” “Lazy, chubby and funny cat.” “ I think he needs belly rubs!” [Video mikeyalfresco @TikTok]