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Amazing-relaxed-cool cat sleeping on a car tailgate, hung on the car the street!

“This is my human new car, well I mean this my new warm bed.” ”He caught and killed the car, so of course he's exhausted, poor cat.” “Did anybody else think this amazing cat was holding a...riding crop, haha?” 😜

'Morris' the cat chilling on 'Champy' the horse ► Amazing interspecies friendship 💕

“'Morris' is really enjoying the aerial view he has from 'Champy's back. It's only those two that are friends, 'Morris' has tried befriending other horses and none are interested in him he even made the mistake of jumping on a few of their backs and being bucked off! He's now knows it's only 'Champy' that likes him.” [Video: Jennifer Boyle @youtube]

SLAP! >> Knockout • Brave cat showing seal who is the boss 😹

“And the winner is...” “The seal is cleaver, just playing dead to escape.” “Oh Gosh you killed me, I'm deeeaaad... Gbye kitty.” “hahaha so many levels of funny and dramatic!” “This is how to escape the haters. Just roll away. *roll roll roll roll*” “Poor seal, look at his innocent face.”

Amazing & funny kitty wagging his short tail like a... happy døg!

“ 'Wally' has an amputated tail that wiggles when he’s happy. Here, he is hunting butterflies in the garden!” “HaHa, never saw a cat swinging it's tail so quickly.” “Most cats wag their tail like this when they're hunting and about to pounce. Epically cute with his lil tail :)” [Video @catsandbeers]