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Brave black cat chases curious visiting deer! 🙀

“My cat 'Jiji' disappeared and I walked up to find her encountering a deer. She then chases the deer out of the yard we were in. I took the video in Bellingham where we have many deer coming through our property.” “Amazing purrsuit! Black cats rule the World!” “CATch me if you can.” [Video: via ViralHog]

Woah! Cliffhanger cat on an indoor climbing mission! 👏

“Hey kid, follow me if you can, hahaha!” “Dad, I cant' you're so agile and strong.” “Kitty is totally mesmerized by his Dad.” [Video: The Munchkin Cats Lou & Elisa]

Adorable Scottish fold kitty trying to catch that new toy

“Awwww...So cute fluff ball with tiny ears and short legs.” “That little pink tongue.” “Cute kitties are a gift from heaven.” “Oh I want to 💋 kiss this sweet kitten.” “Who can resist that eyes and lil paws?” [ Video @sweetheartkittens]

Hmmm...'Maru', that’s one weird way of getting in your new box, haha

“Cat in a box? Mission completed. Maru is always too adorable & funny and...clumsy sometimes! ” “Any box and anywhere! and any time! Mighty Maru is up for the challenge! Such a funny kitty!” “Fail” “Don't laugh at me, it's just my New FORT!” [Video: maruhanamogu @youtube]