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Funny vegan cat likes fresh raspberries! 🍓

“That’s adorable! Berry eating kitty.” “Absolutely adorable ❤️ I didn't know the cats might enjoy raspberries . I have a lot of cats and raspberries, so I should try...” “What a cutie,he is enjoying his snack.” “Beautiful big fluffy paws!”

'Kiwi' has a precious surprise for cat 💕 lovers, just under the blanket

“Awww... such a lovely ♥ fluff ball pile ” “Happy purring family.” [ Video @love2foster]

Check out an amazing and playful NEW cat breed: The 'Kangoocat.' 😂

Suddenly...HOP! HOP! HOP! 😃 “The kangameow.” “The kangacat.” “The catgaroo” “The kataroo.” “LOL, it's a playful British shorthair, everyone just kidding.” “Me when they call for dinner with...french fries!” [Video @leexc520]

Crazy baby sugar glider vs. confused cat

“Who’s that, who’s there? I keep hearing voices in my head…” “Looks like he’s wearing a coon skin hat.” “Who let the sugar glider watch 'Ratatouille'?” “The fearsome hunter and his trusty but derpy steed.” [h/t: hotwoman-EvilMonki20 @Imgur]