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4 black kittens (+ a black & white) running on grass field

“Cutest purrsuit ever.” “Choo Choo... Kitten train.”  “OMG, this is Heaven.” “How cute black and white family.” “They wobbled ad the walked! So cute!” “And Mama cat is the supervisor.”

“Hey dad, wait for me, I know how to swim...”

“Dawww so sweet and clever kitty.” “Who said cats didnot like beach and 💙 water?” “That's the bravest cat I've ever seen.” “That cat is swimming and he doesn't need a swimsuit, that is so cute.” “Stoopid hooman thought I can’t swim!” 😎 “My cat likes to swim but only in the bathtub.” 🛀 “OMG he is as better swimmer than me!” “Tell me why MY cat runs away at the sound of water hahaha!” [Video @nathan_thebeachcat]

Cute interspecies friendship. Mama cow and her 'baby' cat 💕

“We can’t get enough of this two in our farm” Cow: “That’s one yummy Cat ear.” “Must be one tasty Kitty. They’re so sweet, both of them.” “BFF, Peace and ♥ love, sweetest thing ever.” “This just goes to show you how sweet and kind and loving these animals are. Please dear God in heaven make all humans stop eating them using them for leather let’s take them into our hearts to care for them all as God willed it to be.” [Video @freedom_farm_sanctuary]

4 spider kitties climbing up a brick wall in a line behind one another

”The great escape!” ”Follow the leader.” ”Guys, you're still behind me, isn't it? Don't give up, we can do it.”