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Cool cat floating with his new life jacket: “Actually this is pretty chill! So...

...I just float?! Is this what space is like?! Bye...” “Human, It's funny but what sorcery is this, now I'm a cat fish?” “Also, I think all cats should come with a handle, haha.” [Video @wandering.snow.leopard]

Funny cat prefers cat treats over fishes for hoomans

“C’mon dude, you’re wrong, forget about those treats for cats and taste our delicious fishes…” “Nope, don’t want food for humans, I just want my fav treats, tasty chicken flavor.” “Funny Scottish fold cat breaking the rules.” [Video @ cat_tiger007]

Funny kitty *Ninja Mode* activated... attack coming soon!

“Wiggle wiggle wiggle, I love Cat butt wiggles.” “Pouncing kittens, always cute and funny.” “Kittens = cutest and funniest creatures on earth!” “Reminds of when my kitten attacked”my eye lashes. They are so adorable.” [Video @fosterkittensofpasadena]

”Yep, I'm a CAT, so I like to chill out on high places, WHATEVER...”

“I am Batman, well I mean Batcat.” “And what if someone closes the door.” 😂 “Cats are crazy but so pawesome and funny.” “Acrobat cat: high Purr-cision.” “Amazing! Cats have their own vision of what they want!” “Sorry, no other quiet place to take my little nap” “Cats are weird. This cat proves it, haha.” “The kid who sulks and slams the door is getting a heartattack!”