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BLARGH! When your cat fuck*ng hates your pickles!

“Human food with vinegar is not good for kitties.” 😾 “Me when I smell Chinese vegetables.” 😂 “That’s terrible! Poor kitty.” [Video @gingersgagreel] “Meanwhile in Italy...” “UNA-CCEP-TABLE!  WTF is that disgusting sh*t?” [Video: Eze] “NO 1!  NO 2!  NO 3!  NO 4!  NOOOOO 5!  DO NOT WANT! I hate all foods for hoomans! Give them to your døg, not tasty enough for cats!” “Vomiting Mode activated for owner food.” “French cat smelling English food?” 😜 “English cat smelling 5 French cheese S !” 😂 [Video @bzuneqatits]     "Bae trying to eat healthy." "When I offer you some fast food." "Me when I tried marmite the wrong way." [ Video @officialtobinator]

Boop! Boop! Boop! Funny Whack-a-mole, kittens Edition! 😸 😸

“Hide and seek in a bush.” “So playful & cute kitties.” “A bushel of kittens!” “Where do I get a shrub like this?”

Persian cat gently asks for more tenderness and love 💕

“Momma…Momma… Mummy…Mummy… Mum…Mum… Mom…Mom…Mama…Mama …Ma…Ma… PET ME PLEASE!”. “He’s giving it all she’s got! The fluff paw, I can’t.” “Ohhh… That big paw just gets my heart.” “Who could ignore that floofy paw, ”Butters” is so needy and adorable!” “How can you not scoop up ”Butters” and give her a million snuggles? ” [Video @butters_official]

'Tyatora' the cat was meditating, then, falling asleep when…

'Chibi-side': “Excuse me Mr 'Tyatora', but your left foot smell bad.” “Hmmm...stinky paw?” “😭 Tyatora , we miss you...” 💔 [Video:]