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Amazing, playful and fearless cat 😸 likes to swing like...a kid! 👍

“Believe me, they're evolving!” “Please Grandpa, push me faster...faster...faaasteeer!” 😸 “Weeeeeeee! Life is fun!”

Cinemagraph • 'From Russia with Love' • James Bond 007 Movie

Secretive SPECTRE leader 'Blofeld' petting his friend, a cute Chinchilla Persian cat.

When your agile kitty is smarter than you! 😹

“What did you expect? I'm a cat!” “A prank? Seriously, where?” 😹 “I see you, stupid hooman, don’t mess with me!” “The look of disbelief.” “For real though, impressive reflexes.” [h/t: SlightlyStable]

Snuzzy kitty tries to catch mom's fingers but they run to fast!

“When people goes too fast on things and you’re confused.” “Aww…literally a fast ball of fluff.” [Video @haru_thecat]

Clever cat knows purrfectly how to open doors 👍

“Nothing can stop him.” “Siamese cat: ”Good job bro, you’re so agile and graceful.” “Black & white cat : ”Yep bro, Simply the Beeeest ♫ ♪” “Acrobat cat is an acrobat.” [h/t video: ViralHog]