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Blue cat giving his bunny a tongue bath. Best friends 🐰

“'Simba', you are the sweetest boy ever.” “What a cute big bunny with funny nose and ears.” “OMG, I want both!” “Gooosh they melt my heart.” “How did you get your cat to be so loving?!” “Aww...such cute furriends 😻 + 🐰” “This is so sweet! You are such a gentle soul, sweetheart, I'm sure your new friend loves you, too 💕” [Video @amy_simba]

💦 SPLASH! Suddenly, a startled cat falls in the swimming pool! 💦

Cat-like reflexes? For no reason? “You're doing it wrong!” 😅 “Hmmm...Clearly this was a...suicide!” 🙀 [Video: America's Funniest Home Videos @]

AWWdorable 💕 kitty lying on her back, kneading the air

“My cat does ✈ ' Air kneading ' ✈ while being brushed!” “OMG, sometimes there are no words to describe how cute a kitty is.” “Oh my... I just exploded from cuteness overload“ “What a sweet cutie.”  💖

Two funny loafs being petted, wagging their tails in sync 😄

“No jealousy, double love in sync.” “I want to touch their tails so bad.” “Is that clock pendulums?” “It's Cat o'clock” [Video @nikoandpoko]

LONG cat is hungry, trying to catch that delicious cheeseburger 🍔

 “DO WANT!” “Miiiiiine!”