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Bouncing cat: “Let me in…Let me in...I'm so hungry!”

“Bless him! That’s brilliant.” “Honey, call the exorcist, your cat is possessed!” “I believe I can fly. OK, I can’t.” “Paranormal CATivity.” “Jazz hands. Bouncing Mode activated.” “I think he’s doing some kind of weird ritual with his laser eyes, haha.” [Video @dukesofbrooklyn] BOING! BOING! BOING!

Adorable fluffy kitty playing with her new toy, dancing in a funny way

Kitties playing with cat toys is one of the funniest (and 💖 cutest) thing on Earth. “Best kitten reaction” 😸

Amazing Siamese cat happy to swim in 'his' pool 💦

“Who else is going swimming this Friday?” “That's so adorable and she looks happy to be swimming.” “First time I have ever seen a cat swim how cute.” “Awwww, I wish my kitties would swim with me!” “So brave, cute and graceful.” “Just cooling off!” [Video @hester_is_not_a_cat]

Funny white 'Cabbit' '🐰 grooming himself...

 …before eating his giant carrot, haha, they mad! “Hehe nai na that’s exactly how my widdle kitten will look in a widdle bunny wabbit costume. Gosh but a bajillion times cuter and fluffier and more adorable /w\ and give him a widdle carrot to nibble on and squeeze him all up!/w\ he’s the cutest most adorable widdle cutie pie ever na /w\”

Two funny cat playing (colorful) virtual ping pong

The ball becomes red, blue, yellow and green....😺 Hmmm...they're evolving!