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“Sunday? OK, today I’m going to the beach! YEAAAH!”

“Puffy cloud running!” “That cotton bag could run too.” “How does she not wander off? My cat wont listen to most of things i say.” ”Fast and fluffious!” 😂 [Video @thezenkitty]

It’s bath time for a cute Persian kitty (super cool CATtitude)

“The frequency of baths will depend on your Persian’s fur. A Persian cat will begin to look greasy as it becomes dirtier and mats will increase quickly if the cat is not bathed. A clean Persian’s coat is not greasy and will not appear separated. An owner can either bathe their Persian themselves or take it to a professional groomer.” “Look at that lovely face, those big eyes.” “I’ve never seen a Persian as a kitten before. They look like baby trolls. Way too ♥ cute.” [Video @persiancatslove]

2 cute sisters napping together head to head

“You two truly are the sleeping Queens.” “You are so cute and sweet, little princesses.” “Aww incredibly sweet babies! You look so adorable napping together.” “I need to try this out sometime! Looks like a cozy 'purrito snooze pawty'.” [Video @milaivyofficial]

White cat with too much energy trying to get comfy in his box

“Hey that’s me when I have twitchy legs.” “Poor kitty, he’s trying so hard!” “Me trying to find best position on my fuck*ng sofa when it’s hot, haha.” “Look at those funny ears.” “When you have too much energy to sleep.” [Video @pringles_thecat]‬

22 scary cats with laser eyes looking at...

...a crazy rabbit perched on a swan in the pool, by night! 👀 Sometimes, animals and pets are so weird, so don't try to understand 😂 They have magic powers and cats know 'PURRanormal cativity'! 😸