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WHiTE kitten and BLACK cat kneading bOObs in sync 👀

Cats love 😻 bOObs whatever their fur color. “We have no idea what we're doing, It's foolish but it's fun!”

Meanwhile in Turkey, a good man gives a fish for free to…

…hungry cat begging for some food at the supermeowrket. “Aww…such a good man 💗 Kindness is a beautiful trait.” “He is very smart, he knows where to get some food!” “Cat buying fish in a market. They’ll take over the world yet.” “Thank you man, you are so gentle and you made kitty so happy.” 😺 ------------------------ Cat: “Meow, I’m hungry, can I have a small fish, please.” Man: “Well, you don’t have the money, isn’t it?” Cat: “Nope, I’m a poor feral cat”. Man: “So you want it for free? OK, here’s then, c’mon, take it. You’re a lucky kitty because I’m a Cat lover 💕” [Video @ikramkorkmazer]

Super cute & relaxed kitty with funny hind legs

“Baby ‘Pancake’ enjoying some snuggles with Foster Papi” “So cute and innocent lil thing, I love 💖 you.” “So adorable 💜 and tiny baby (funny ears).” “Adorable little sweetie, aww…those little pink toes.” “Wow, this looks so relaxing.” “WHAT? It's Caturday!" [Video @myfosterkittens]

When your shameless cat likes to watch cat stories on YOUR smartphone!

“Hmmm, It must be a VERY interesting cat video, haha.” “I can’t handle how funny & cute this is.” “At least he outs educating himself.” “Oh good! My cats need some smartphone too.” “This is my husband in our bed, watching youp*rn vids.” [Video @junjun_jjj]

“You deserve it, you just urinated on the couch, naughty bunny!”

“Noooo kitty, wait...I'm innocent, the døg did it!” “I think it's a new game: BOOP the bunny!” 😄 [Unedited GIF by Valentin Salja]