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Cinemagraph • Shironeko cat law: “If we fits, we sits!”...all together."

“5 purrfectly STiLL + 1 grooming himself.” “House of Cats, soon @Netflix” “The Farmer's bunch.” “😭 Shiro & Tyatora , we miss you...” 💔 💔 [Video: かご猫 Blog]

Smol toilet paper killer strikes again!

“OH NOOOOES! My crazy ginger kitty is back in the bathroom.” “Cute kitten Marmalade a.k.a ‘Ginger Menace’ destroys a toilet paper roll and makes himself a comfy little cat nest.“ 👌 [Video: Chris Poole]

Cat and ferret? Amazing and cute interspecies tenderness 💕

“Just a quick cleaning and then…Zzzz…Zzzz, OK my Kitty?” “This is so pure and soft my heart ♥ cannot take it.” [Video @rody.tino.tomoko]

Suddenly...Angriest fluffy cat, 'Hunting mode' activated

“Why you look so angry and adorable at the same time?” “OMG, that face, that fluffy body! I’m so in love with ‘Garfi’! “If one day I met ‘Garfi’, I’ll pinch him, hehe.” “It’s like stalking my bfast at the catering table.” “'Garfi' looks like he loves chasing flying insect. I find him cuter when he’s in naughty mode.” [Video @meegarfi]

Realistic 3D painting of ‘Yves the Cat’

“HaHa, funny 'Trompe-l'œil', it’s too much. Damn cute and ‘Yves’ is clearly enjoying it.” “HOLY COW! I thought that this was a hype realistic painting and I was like “Wow that’s crazy good”, and then, it’s moved and I was like “WTF?”, and I was so confused until I realized it was a real Cat!” [Video @yves_the_cat]