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“Hey lazy kitty! Over here...” 😂

“Super relaxed but clumsy.” “Trust fall gone wrong.” “Funny backflip.” “Anyway, cats always land on their feet.” 😏 [Video @yuuko.0625]

Aww... Smol kitten doing a double hind leg stretch

“This…is me in the morning when Mum tries to wake me up.” “This…is beyond adorable, my heart just melted.” “This…mighty possibly be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” [Video @kesyacaat]

'Kiki' is a cute angel, so sweet 💕 so cuddly kitty

“I want to snuggle with you, my beloved hooman.” “Beloved human, I need your protection during my nap, thank you.” “How could you not love those sweet creatures” 😻 “And stupid haters say: 'Cats never show us any love', hahaha.” “My boy snuggles like this 💕  Cats are simply the best pets.” “I love you Mom (another absolute angel)” “And orange tabby cats are the best snugglers.” [Video @kiki.gingercat]

Little ginger Tiger is - ferociously - hungry! 🙀

“During recent snack times: a ravenous 'Pimms' on two legs eating. He can’t even wait for the snack to be put on a plate and placed in his normal eating spot.” “Damn! That’s an aggressive hungry cat, haha.” “Real life Garfield, LOL.” “Me, when I say I’m on a diet but someone has anything unhealthy.” “Daaaaaang! This cat scares me, and look at his eyes, teeth and claws…so angry beast!” [Video @rina_takei]

Sphynx cat is weird, angry and psychedelic!

OMG, he's so angry, he LOST a tooth! 😂