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Hmmm...Erotic massage on human belly (and bOObs?)

“I know that you’re a perv kitty but don’t touch my bOObs, just my stomach, OK?” “OK Mom I'll try.“ 😽 “Good boy - not perv - he just helps her digest faster !” 😆 “That ginger cat doesn’t know how lucky he is.” “Funny and SEXY family.” “If guys could turn into cats that’s what they would do, hehe.” [Video @deann3e]

The ultimate cat fight and...Double 💦 💦 SPLASH, haha 😂

“There can be ONLY ONE!” “Don't worry, Ninja cats are waterproof!” 💧 “Ring OUT!” “Damn! They went for it. They're fighting for their territory!” 😼 😼

Tiny kitty trotting in a cute and funny way

 “Absolutely cute. That pointy 💓 tail. It makes her even more adorable!” “Aww, such a cute feral kitten. Walking with style.” “I want to rub her little face!”

Look at the fluidity, flexibility and beauty of the feline form 😸

“Impressive gymnast. In the feline Gymnastics, he’s a 10!” “Cats are so flexible!” “You have no idea how high your cat can jump!“ “Can’t stop watching those pawesome hind legs.” “F*ck gravity!” “Get the birdy! My cat does the same thing, so crazy for that toy.” “He must receive the first purrfect score in the Catalympics.” [Video @pringles_thecat]

The vacuum cleaner cat, a new useful cat breed

It works both ways and at 2 speeds: Purrfect! 👍