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OWNED! Naughty kitten annoys sleepy cat, but…

…it was a huge mistake! 😾 “HALP! I immediately regret this bad decision.” [Video: Jill Esb]

Aww…dorable Persian kitty wants to play with the blue toy

“We nicknamed her 'Pickaboo.'” “Your kitty is a tiny ball of preciousness ♥” “So sweet, so innocent baby.” [Video: purrerze]

Sneak attack & fast reflexes in slow motion (2 GIFs)

“Pretty sure cats are reincarnated Kung Fu Masters.” “God damn cats are so cool. Reacted instantly and jumped into the air all while swatting his/her attacker.” “🎶 Everybody was Kung Fu fighting 🎶 🎶 those kicks are fast as lightning 🎶 ” “Flexible cats playing Ninja hide and seek! ” [h/t:] Dancing cats... So graceful, so agile.

“WHAT? I’m tired, talk to my (big) tail”

“That huge tail!” “Omg these big hind paws are so adorable, beautiful furbaby.” “Resting like a boss on his slave.” “Those big black jelly bean toes.” [Video]

Hmmm... 'Derp cattitude' activated

Super fast BLEP BLEP BLEP NA NA NA (arrogant kitty)