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Funny cat playing with its own reflection in the mirror 😜

“Wooow, who are you funny dancing cat?” “Do you want to play with me?” “A little dance with me?” “JAZZ HANDS!” “Do you mean Jazz PAWs?” 😋 “Check out that head movement, so funny and playful kitty.” [Video @surf_thecat]

Adorable sleepy kitten shacking her front paws in a funny way

“Little cute attacking machine.” “I'm overdosed on cute 💓” “Dreaming she's playing piano.” “Please Stop being so cute, we can't!” “Super Hyper Mega cute kitty 💔  I want to kiss her.”

Hilarious kitten tries to intimidate big cat with Ninja moves

“Little foster ‘Monty’ thinks he’s hot stuff! He tries to scare big ‘Case’ by showing off his fancy moves.” “Epic FAIL, at least you tried.” 😃 “WTF? What did you expect, little guy? You mad? Don't mess with me.“ [Video @harter66]

Blue cat doing Yoga in a funny way on a lazy Sunday

“Hey, I’m not lazy, just relaxing after a tough week.” “I love blue British short hair Cats.” “This is more like 'Baloo!'” [Video @batonthecat]

Two weird black cats... What are they doing? 👀

And the ginger one is SUPER weird, haha! 😂