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“Get it off my head, I hate that flower wool hat!”

“That’s you after the wedding, in a corner, looking all dressed up and drunk.” “I’m so sick of your sh*t, Mom, I told you I’m not your fluff doll.” [Video @gangmeowoffice]

Hilarious trotting cat forgot how to cat, now he's a horse!

“Haha this is me leaving work every day!” “And me leaving school, but only on friday.” “This cat has so much swag.” 😍 “PAWesome cat: he walks like a dressage horse.” “I'm sexy and I know it.” “Walk like rapunzel horses.” “This kitty’s run makes me laugh so much!”

Hard brushing, then playing with my hairball

“Oh my god I need one of these to brush my fluffy cat.” “Funny and unexpected cat reaction.” “You nuts to do it that way, haha." 😤

kitten.exe has stopped working!

“W...Wh...Wha...What happened?” “When you really need a work break.” “This is me during physics class yesterday: nap attack.” “When I’ve had too much wine, but: “It’s OK, I’m good…I’m good.” [Video: cat_lovers]

OMG, trippy cat >> Level: 100! 🙀

Saturday catnip overdose! 💥 WASTED 💥