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Proud Helium cat floating in the air 😛

“Can you play 'Air balloons' with your cat, hehe?” “OMG, my cat would probably be afraid of the balloons.” “My kitty would hate this so much and probably hide all day!” “My super FAT cat would need…50 balloons to be lifted up into the air, haha!” 😂 “Ernie would kamakazi it so fast I would even be able to start taping. Also, I’d be murdered in my sleep.” “My cat might just POP 💥 the balloons!” My cat reaction would be: “Seriously dude…Not funny…Really tired of your sh*t…Sooner or later I will end you!” 😂 [Video @minnusch]

Adorable 💕 kitty confused by a big water bowl

“Mom, is it a swimming pool for kitties?” “Too fluffy, too funny and too C.U.T.E!” “Cute and innocent baby, he looks so confused.” “That face is making me cry 😭. I will never be able to kiss that pretty thing. Oh my heart. It hurts...” “Pure purrfection! I can't. I'm dying.” “STOP! It's a fake. Kitty is to cute to be real. It's a conspiracy created by a cat lover.”😜 “What a beautiful and purrcious kitty!” 💗 “I need to cuddle this adorable baby cat.” “Who is going to tell me this is not super mega cute?” 🙉 [Video @mo_harutan]

Two in one: painting the cat + giving a back massage 😃

“This is exactly how I clean my stuffed animals hahaha.” “I can see this happening when we start painting the new house.” “For sure, I’ll paint our little guy if he gets in my way.” [Video @__akira_akira__]

Monday morning: “C’mon lazy kitty, wake up and stand up!” • “NONONONO! Leave me alone...”

“Nope Mom, I don’t want to hear the word 'Monday' again!” “When the shroom trip is just too much to bare and everyone in the house won’t stop yelling.” [Video @sydsauce]

“This CAT image has been removed du to its content.” 😂 😂 😂

“WHAT? I'm removed, seriously?” 😾 “ The 'content' fucks you! Silly moderator, I'm still here, you can't remove me, BECAUSE CAT , hahaha!” 😸 “Cat haters gonna hate!” 😜