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2 funny cats looking for a mouse hidden in a big hole in the ground

“Let me see dude, I'm sure she's there." “What the hidden mouse sees...“ “When you’re trying to reach the last snack“ “OMG, it literally hurts that’s how cute and funny they are.“ “Two kitties at the gate of the cat heaven: ‘Dude, It's a wonderful place.’ “I can’t decide it this is the cutest or creepiest thing I’ve ever seen?!”

Mode UFO activated: “SORRY, I MUST GO...

...MY PLANET NEEDS ME!“ “Byyyyyyye!” 

Funny free facial massage for patient Scottish fold

“Yes, so patient Kitty! If I did this to my Cat for sure she would kill me!” “HaHa, you’re pushing so hard! Looks like you’re going to pop his eye balls out!” “Flexible tiny ears.” “Funny and cute: this literally made my whole day.” “This is what I see when I hold my girl friend face in my hands. From pretty girl to…ugly girl, hahaha.” “We’ll see who gets the last laugh, I know where you sleep...” [Video @scottish_ray]

Cute & funny kitten napping and shaking her hind legs

“A one month kitten very relaxed shaking her hind legs while napping.” “Twitching kitty running in the space.” “Run kitty, run...” 😻 [Video: Jonathan M]

Hairless Sphynx kitty kneading the air

“Weird hairless paws, isn’t it?” “She's cute, whatever, love her.” [Video @daniellamurnursery]