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Mama cat steals fresh meat for her hungry kittens but...

“Look at her proud little strut when she grabs the piece of meat!” "Mine! Mine! Miiiiine!” “Possessive kitty is possessive.” "Sharing food is love, they said, well...almost.”😂 “The struggle is real!”

Startled cat is f*cking startled! 😂

“WTF is that new weird cat breed? Are you kidding me?” “As you can see, cats are the bravest hunters, haha.” “Human, keep that ugly sh*t away from me, I sense danger, It's a trap!”

Ginger is mesmerized by that floating cat in the air...

Paranormal cativity! 👀 “Do you mean purranormal cativity?”😜

Cute sleepy kitten playing dead... 😸

“This is our Kitten ‘Bean’. She’s a little easy to manipulate when she’s dreaming”. “When a kitten gets tuckered out, dreaming away, he is completely and totally relaxed.” “COMA nap: Zzzz...Zzzz...Whatever.” [Video: Spug Spugly]

Cute British shorthair cat family 💕 Happy family

“Oh my god: 1…2…3…4…babies. Overdosed on cute” “So beautiful and cute family.” “Grooming time: not so easy when you have 4 babies.” [Video @family_colin]