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Funny famous cat signing many pawtographs 🐾 for her fans

“‘Nala’, may we have your pawtograph?” “Birthday cards, Christmas cards,  anything cards.” “My cat is not that patient, she would never let me touch her paw.” “Yep, look at the cat’s facial expression.” “Mom, I have no idea what I'am doing but it's OK.” [Video @nala_take]

Cute (liquid) kitten chilling in her drinking glass

Smol kitty: “If it fits…I sits.” “Yet more evidence that kittens are, in fact, a cute liquid.” [Video: Ivan Voronine]

Amazing cat: Bottle cap challenge 👍

“Boom! Ninja cat action!” “That face is beautiful & unique. Two faced cats are gorgeous!” 😘 “Teaching a cat karate be like...” [Video @amazingnarnia]👍

Startled kitten: “I sense danger… OMG!” (Cat Box Spook)

HaHa…startled kittens with super fast reflexes are always funny. “Curiosity scared kitty!” [Video: Matt BIZZLE]

“OMG, my houseplants!” • “WHAT? It's a collective suicide!”

“Mom, we are innocent, as you know we are two good kitties...” 😺 😺