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Acrobat cat: “I believe I can fly... GOTCHA!”

Purrfect jump and balance 👍 “Woah! got skills...Without the need for claws.” “Gonna catch the treat over your shoulder, look, I can do it!” “This is pretty damn amazing!” [Video: Nicholas Kuffel]

Funny cats • Purrfect stomach massage

"I enjoy it so much, Bro, it's so relaxing, please don't stop, you're doing it right and I'm falling asleep..." [Video @park_kkone]

Funny kitten reaction to the Tardis (Doctor Who)

“'Ursus' our blue British shortair is standing up, introduced to the Tardis: so cute kitty, isn't he?” [Video: Nicholas Kuffel]

Six creepy cats with laser eyes in the darkness!

“The real meaning of glowing in the dark.” “Yikes! It’s like they’re straight out of a spooky kid’s cartoon!” “This is so amazing,  I love all those glowing twinkling eyes.” [Video @omajeeb]

Cute and funny dancing kitten (Getting faster and faster)

“Faster...Faasteer...Faaasteeeer...Weeeeeeee!” “Beautiful and agile seal point Birman kitty.” “ Thriller . This is it.” (Michael Pawson)