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Funny cat: “Sorry baby, it’s prohibited for kittens under 1 year!”

“Ouch! Mama cat forgot how to cat.” “This so funny they’re like: “Ladies first”.” “Dang, mom! That’s cold.” “Poor kitty, she doesn't understand...” ❓❓❓ “Cat haters gonna hate.” 😜 “And the unfair mother of the year award goes to...” “Don't worry, we all know and believe Mumma came back, right!?” 😻

Loving cats • BOOP…BOOP… BOOP... “Little 💋 kiss Honey?”

“Their love 💕 story sweeter than mine.” “That’s just too sweet!” “You when you get me tight but l still love you” [Video @cutecatonline]

Cute kitten • Mode 'Funny Air Biscuits' activated 😊

“C’mon Baby, just keep swimming.” “Way to much cuteness going on here (+ tiny Meow)” “Soft kitty, warm kitty, snuzzy little ball of fur in action.” [Video @foster_furbabies]

Cinemagraph • Lazy cat resting on his back in a funny way 😊

Hmmm...he only moves tail and head, body is... dead ! 👀

Crazy cat: “If I fit, I nap”...whatever 😸

“When even the pot becomes the purrfect place to take a nap!” “Mmmm…dinner will be so tasty and cute.” “Even big cats are liquid!” 👍 “I knew Hot Døg, but 'Hot Cat' is new to me.” “For sure, the cooker was not on and the pot was not hot, but your ginger cat is f*cking HOT!” 😋 [Video @balous_life]