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Cute cat mimicking his poor human with a broken leg 💕

Sweet kitty looks concerned: "Are you OK my hooman?” “What a wholesome and caring kitty!” “Right leg vs. right paw: purrfect.” “He looks so concerned! “Mom, why you hop?” “What a cute, clever and funny copy cat.” 👏 “You foot up, me foot up...we foot up!” “That's one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.” “Pure empathy! Because loving 💓 cat.” “This is you. This is what you look like, Mom.” “Human: 'Aww, my cat is limping in solidarity for my leg!4” “This amazing cat should be an actor!” 👍

Cute kitten trying to catch her ball on slippery wooden floor

"Aww look how Kitty does the split and shows off its cute butt." 💜 [Video: Pets Unlimited]

2 funny Ninja cats playing like crazy! (2 GIFs)

“I just realized that 2 cats are much better than one!” “Looks like someone’s been in the catnip. Little scamps.” “Acrobats! Hilarious kitties!” “Ultimate indoor purrsuit!” “Wow they are so playful My cats just sleep 23/24, haha.” [Video @izzyandthefluff] Back and forth ◄►

Weird kiten bobbing his head in a weird way

Trippy Kitty! Proof that too much CATNIP is too much! 👾 “Hooman, bring me moar fresh catnip, I’m slowly flying…”

Cinemagraph • Honeeeeey! I think our cat is possessed!

OK, don't worry, I call the exorcist 👀 “OMG, the end is near, haha!” 😂