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Cute kitten in its pocket gently playing with Mom's finger

“If it fits, I sits...and then, I play.”  “My kitty can still fit in my pocket.” [Video: shwuyeong]

Amazing black cat doing funny tricks (King of high fives)

“Hope he gets a bowl full of treats for that.” “My Cat, knows the regular high five, sit and fetch. I love watching your videos because they give me great ideas for new tricks!” [Video]

Funny (fat) cat with belly stuck in cat door: the struggle is real haha 😂

“I'm not fat, just big boned, that's why.” “I’m not fat, bitches, I’m FAT-bulous!” “OK, OK girls, I’m fat 😩 diet starts tomorrow, I promise.” [h/t video:]

Cute kitten meowing/crying 💔 “Love me Mom... ”

She just wants more cuddles and tenderness 💕 "What a precious baby! Bless her. I love those little squeal." [Video: Catlovers]

Demonic cat is demonic! 😡

And f*cking angry, don't mess with him! “VAMPURR!”