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Funny cat: “Better do my acrobatic walk instead of getting wet paws”

“Agile, clever and funny cat.” “Don't laugh at me, I fuck*ng hate water!” 💦 “Me, walking in my kitchen, when the floor is lava , hahaha.”

Funny & cute kitten hidden in a wicker basket...

...playing a super fast Hide & seek + Peek a Boo. [Video: Trhysg]

Amazing cats. Crazy purrkour! ► American Ninja warrior cats Edition 👍

“Feel like it's assassin creed for cats 👀 It's so epic too.” “This is heaven for playful kitties. Those excited tails.” “The ultimate platformers, training for Americat ninja warriors, they are amazing.” “Wow this room is the cat's paradise.” ”My 2 cats are so agile 👌 and my (poor) døg is so clumsy 👎” [Video @urbanfeline]

Cinemagraph • Funny standing cat sniffing a weird house plant

“It's a Sansevieria trifasciata (also known as 'Mother-in-law's tongue' 😛 or the 'snake plant'” “He thinks it's Mexican catnip..”😂

Funny cats: proof that electronics can indeed rot cat brains

“'Bonnie', the yellow one 🐠 is for me and the white one for you, OK?” “It’s okay 'Clyde'!” “Hahaha! Who doesn’t like fish on the iPad” “This is the best use of the tablet to keep your kitties entertained.” [Video @bonnienclydekitties]